Car Park Deck Coatings Whitepaper

How To Achieve Perfection in Multi-Storey and Underground Car Park Protection

This Whitepaper is a handy guide for architects, specification professionals and car park operating companies who are considering the use of a resin-based, waterproof, elastomeric coating within a multi-storey or underground car parking structure.

Inside you will find a wide-range of practical advice that considers the punishing service conditions to which each area in the car park will be exposed.

Download the whitepaper for information on:

Aesthetics - can resin deck coating solutions be used to create a safer car park environment?

Durability - how long is the expected lifespan of resin-based deck coating system?

Chemical Exposure - what pollutants and contaminants do I need to protect against?

Structural Movement - why should I consider a crack-bridging decking material?

The answers and more you'll find within our whitepaper, which is available from the link below

To provide details of a live, upcoming or proposed car parking project, or alternatively to request Deckshield traffic deck samples or more information from Flowcrete India, please complete the simple online form.

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