Warehouse Flooring Toolkit

  • Flowcrete India’s Warehouse Flooring Toolkit
  • Flowcrete India’s Warehouse Flooring Toolkit
  • Flowcrete India’s Warehouse Flooring Toolkit
  • Flowcrete India’s Warehouse Flooring Toolkit

Flowcrete India’s Warehouse Flooring Toolkit

20 Sep 2018

  • Warehouses need to be constructed from materials that will facilitate effective, safe operations for the long term.
  • Level, hard wearing and hygienic floors are vital to creating a high-performance warehouse environment.
  • Flowcrete India can solve the flooring as well as concrete admixture and roof waterproofing challenges of even the largest warehouse facilities.

While often overlooked, warehouses represent an important part of any large-scale operation – as they are often the hub around which a business’s logistics, production and distribution network is based.

A poorly designed or maintained warehouse can therefore have a long list of detrimental knock-on effects, as if the warehouse is not up to the task at hand then the movement of products might be slowed down, interrupted or stopped completely.

Getting the floor finish right is critical to designing an effective warehouse, as it is the platform on which the racking is based and the surface on which the staff, forklift trucks and pallet trolleys move around on.

The floor needs to provide a level surface so that the goods can be moved around quickly and safely. This surface regularity needs to be maintained despite a long list of challenges that warehouse floors typically face, such as impacts, point loading, exposure to corrosive chemicals, foot and wheeled traffic, regular cleaning and more.

Distribution facilities that use automated storage and retrieval systems with racks that stretch up to the roof will need to be particularly careful with the surface flatness, as it is an important factor to reducing vibration in the fast-moving forklift trucks that move up and down the aisles.

Incorporating colour and signage into the floor finish is another key consideration, as this is a very effective way to improve navigation around the site, and so speed up the warehouse operations, and also to highlight onsite hazards and so cut down on accidents and mishaps within a busy warehouse space.

Warehouses in sectors such as the food & beverage, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries will also need to factor in the strict hygiene demands that these businesses are held to. Seamless, impervious finishes are vital to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, as this means that there are no gaps where contaminants and dirt can hide from the cleaning regime.

Robust epoxy floor coatings are ideal for creating flat, durable and easy to clean surfaces within even the largest and most demanding warehouse environments. Flowcrete India’s wide range of epoxy systems means that warehouse designers and operators can choose the floor that best meets the specific needs of each site.

Flowcrete India’s selection of products for warehouse flooring includes Flowcoat SF41, Flowcoat HS, Flowcoat LXP and the Flowshield range of self-levelling epoxy systems. These coatings have become popular around the world among warehouse developments thanks to the versatile, colourful and high performance finishes that this epoxy flooring collection can create.

In addition to resin floor coatings, Flowcrete India can also provide a wide range of complementary construction products for warehouse projects, to ensure that each part of the facility operates to the highest standard. For example the macro-synthetic fibre solution TUF-STRAND SF can be utilised to minimise shrinkage and cracks in the floor. This patented polypropylene/polyethylene synthetic macro-fibre helps to give warehouse floors the flatness and surface hardness necessary to withstand the various types of heavy loads that they will be subjected to.

Developers can make use of the Eucon and Plastol admixture ranges to provide additional flooring properties and ensure a high standard of concrete during various process stages, such as the mixing, transportation, placement and curing. Some of the major benefits that these admixtures offer include increased compressive strength, durability and workability of the concrete.

Floor hardeners and densifiers can be specified to improve the hardness and lifespan of concrete, protecting against impacts, tyre mark stains, moisture and dusting. Hardeners use graded particles to increase the density of the concrete by filling up the smallest pores, thereby resisting disintegration and wear.

Asides from the floor, the roof is one of the largest parts of any building, and it needs to be protected from leaks and corrosion. A waterproof seal installed between the roof’s lap joints will separate the roof sheets and prevent dust and water leaking down into the warehouse’s stored products. Flowcrete India’s waterproofing solutions are able to provide improved adhesion and self-healing properties.

When considering the products required for a warehouse project, either new-build or refurbishment, don’t forget to take into account all the joint fillers, sealers, repair solutions and bonding agents that will be required for the job.

To find out more about the ideal flooring, concrete, repair and joint solutions for even the largest and most complex warehouse project, get in touch with a local Flowcrete India representative today.


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