India’s Tall Buildings Sector

  • India's tall building market sector
  • India's tall building market sector
  • India's tall building market sector

Flowcrete India’s Solutions for the Tall Building Market Sector

12 Nov 2018

  • Building materials used in tall buildings need to meet a wide range of demanding criteria
  • A variety of construction chemicals for tall buildings can be sourced from Flowcrete India
  • Flowcrete India’s experts presented at an ICI conference on tall building construction issues

The tall building market sector in India is on the rise! Tall buildings are increasingly becoming the facility of choice for both residential and working purposes across the country, which has seen an increasing demand for the solutions and expertise required to construct more large buildings than ever before and to do so quickly, safely and effectively.

To illustrate the changing face of this sector, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) recently released a new code - IS 16700 "Criteria for Structural Safety of Tall Concrete Buildings". Not only is the industry in the early stages of embracing this new code, the BIS also recently revised the National Building Code (NBC) and sections of IS 875, which determines the wind loads on tall buildings.

The resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete India is able to provide a long list of the construction chemicals that tall building projects need in order to meet the demands of today’s industry. From the floor finish underfoot to the admixtures incorporated within the concrete or the waterproofing solutions necessary to protect the structure and the repair mortars, joint sealants and fire protection products - all of these can now be sourced from Flowcrete India.

To give the tall building community a platform to come together to review, share, discuss and debate the latest developments in the field, the Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) and L&T organised a two-day conference in July. The event attracted over 200 participants and included sessions on a wide range of topics, including performance based design and provisions, rebar weld mesh feasibility in slabs, digital engineering and virtual reality, lean construction challenges, performance based seismic designs, wind loads balance and fire safety features.

Flowcrete India were platinum sponsors of the conference and discussed with the industry’s professionals about how its products have been utilised in a long list of tall building projects throughout the Mumbai and Delhi regions.

The Executive Director of Flowcrete India, Mr. Anil Anjanappa, presented to the event’s attendees on how Flowcrete India’s systems can benefit upcoming and existing tall building structures.

Mr. Anil Anjanappa said: “It was a learning experience to listen to the topics being discussed and to find solutions to the challenges posed by building tall structures in India. This is a new opportunity for Flowcrete India to address these challenges and prove how it can provide the sector with a multitude of long-term benefits.’’

An important asset that Flowcrete India can provide are the admixtures required to produce high performance self-consolidating concrete (SCC). SCC is a concrete mixture that can be placed simply by means of using its own weight with little or no vibration. The benefit of this is that it creates a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that spreads into place, fills formwork and encapsulates even the most congested reinforcement.

The Euclid Chemical Plastol series of admixtures and Vicstrol (VMA), available from Flowcrete India, allows customers to source polycarboxylate-based, high-range water reducer (HRWR) solutions that have been put to the test at some of the world’s most demanding construction projects. SCC that utilises Plastol admixtures are known to minimise voids on highly reinforced areas which allows for innovative architectural shapes and features to become a reality.

Other market-leading products for tall buildings that architects, developers, structural consultants and contractors can source from Flowcrete India include:

  • Decorative and durable resin floor finishes.
  • Fibres for composite constructions that are designed to meet the demands of tall structures.
  • Corrosion control admixtures and coatings.
  • Water proofing for basements and water retaining structures with the Vandex and Tamoseal range of products.
  • Polyurethane based water proofing solutions for podium, swimming pools, water bodies and terraces.
  • Shrinkage reducing admixtures.
  • Car park deck coating solutions for large, multi-storey car parking structures
  • Concrete repair mortars for vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Polyurethane based joint sealant systems

To learn more about how Flowcrete India can provide challenging tall building projects with the products required to create modern, state-of-the-art, safe and effective developments then get in touch with the expert team by clicking here or email   


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