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Deck Protection Coatings for Today’s Car Park Facilities

21 Mar 2018

  • It's important that a venue's car park creates a great first impression on arriving visitors.
  • Creating a decorative, high performance floor within a car park requires specialist coatings designed for the environment.
  • Many prestigious locations have utilised Deckshield to ensure the car park presents an attractive, on-brand image.

The car park is the gateway to many buildings and venues. Before a customer, visitor or client has stepped foot in the reception or walked into your office, they will probably have already been in your car park.

This makes the car park more important than it would first appear – as it is not just a utilitarian space, but is instead the place where those you want to impress the most will make their first impression of your establishment.

However, getting a car park to both look good and provide the necessary functionalities is not an easy task, as all the building materials will have to cope with the stresses and strains of vehicular traffic. Nowhere is this truer than of the floor, which needs to withstand the constant movement of heavy cars, corrosive automotive oils, exposure to the elements and more.

For these reasons, many car park designers are turning to specialist car park deck coating systems such as Flowcrete India’s Deckshield range, which includes a collection of floor finishes tailored to the specific challenges encountered within today’s high-end, multi-storey car park facilities. 

This was exemplified when the prestigious Cosmopolitan Club in Bangalore wanted to create a colourful car park floor in its underground facility. Being one of the most exclusive clubs in the Jayanagar area, it was critical that the club’s clientele would be greeted with an attractive and engaging environment that is befitting of its luxurious image.

To achieve this 3,500 m2 of Flowcrete India’s polyurethane deck coating system Deckshield ID was applied across the site’s intermediate decks in a wide array of colours, including blue, red, green, grey and yellow. This created a vibrant surface that would provide the necessary durability, waterproofing and longevity properties required in a car park.    

To ensure that the colour would not deteriorate when exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight, the UV stable polyurethane sealer Deckshield UV was applied. 4,500 m2 of the specialist interior wall coating Flowgard WB was also used to coat the car park’s support columns, protecting them in a crisp white finish.

The ability of Deckshield ID to maintain its aesthetic and functional properties despite extremely challenging conditions was proven at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. When a massive second terminal was built in 2014, the airport required a massive multi-storey car park to cope with the increase in passenger numbers.  

The new facility would provide an additional 5,500 parking spaces, which in practical terms meant that not only did a very large space have to be coated but the finish would have to cope with a huge amount of daily wear and tear. 154,000 m2 of Deckshield ID was used for the project and since installation it has proved itself to be equal to the task, as several years later it is still providing a high-performance finish that shows absolutely no signs of debonding or delamination. 

Deckshield ID’s visual impact led to its specification in the car park at Godrej Properties’ luxurious apartments in Mumbai’s sought-after Vikhroli district. The developer knew that a basic concrete floor would not suit the high-end image and expectations of the apartments, so a solution was required that would create a pleasant and welcoming environment within the 565-space facility.

16,000 m2 of Deckshield ID was applied in a sleek light grey for the parking bays and in a complementary darker grey for the thoroughfares. Deckshield UV Linemarker was also used to create bright white signage on the floor. Four years after the coating was applied Godrej Properties’ tenants are still driving and parking every day on a seamless, unblemished and contemporary floor finish.

Deckshield’s ability to combine a long lasting, easy to clean finish with colourful, appealing visuals made it the ideal choice for all of these car park projects - which all had to deliver on both functionality and aesthetics. To find out more about specialist car park deck coating solutions, get in touch with a Flowcrete India flooring expert today.


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