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  • General Questions
  • What is epoxy resin?

    Epoxy plastics belong to a group of substances called polymers. They are manufactured from two components: a base component consisting of epoxy resin, and a hardener component consisting of different types of amines.

    In addition there are also various additives in the base component and hardener, such as reactive thinners, pigments, fillers and other additives.

    These additives modify the epoxy plastic to suit the application in question. When the base and hardener are mixed there is a chemical reaction which forms a transverse structure: epoxy plastic.

  • Who installs the flooring materials?

    Surfaces are installed by well-trained personnel recommended by Flowcrete India who have been trained and are familiar with our products.

    This guarantees a high level of quality and ensures selection of a preferred functional and aesthetic solution can be made with complete confidence.

    For information about preferred Flooring Contractors, please contact

  • Can resin be applied to stairs? How?

    Yes, resin systems from Flowcrete can be applied to stairs if a wooden baton or retaining strip is fitted as a stair nosing to the front of each step to enable our approved contractors to flood each stair tread with resin.

  • What colours are available?

    We can install a resin floor in almost any colour. We have a range of standard colours available for each of the products that we supply.

    If the color you would like is not available as a standard we can have a color specially blended to match as close as practicable any color sample that you provide.

    Non-standard and specially blended colours are more expensive than standard colours, but create a more individual floor.

  • What preparation does your company require in advance of applying the resin?

    We would require the new substrate to be in place prior to the arrival of a recommended contractor.

    All other surface preparation is completed by the applicator using a system build-up of products from Flowcrete India.

    Flowcrete India prides itself on being able to build up the surface of the floor from substrate to finish.

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