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AKKRO-7T is a non-redispersable, liquid bonding admixture used to produce polymer modified concreteand mortar. AKKRO-7T is a milky white, water based emulsion of high solids acrylic polymers and modifiers. AKKRO- 7T is non-yellowing and has excellent resistance to ultraviolet degradation, heat and most common chemicals. AKKRO-7T does not alter the color of the mixture.

DURAL 452 Gel - IN

DURAL 452 GEL - IN thixotropic epoxy adhesive is a two-component solvent free epoxy resin system consisting of an off white or white Base and black Hardener in preweighed quantities for easy onsite mixing.This high modulus, structural gel is perfect for bonding applications that require a non-sag adhesive.


DURAL 452 LV - IN is a two-component,100% solids, moisture insensitive, high strength epoxy adhesive and
binder for numerous applications. This high modulus, low viscosity epoxy resin is the perfect solution for general
bonding applications and for injecting cracks in concrete and a variety of other substrates.


DURAL LPL MV - IN is a two-component, moisture insensitive, high strength epoxy adhesive and binder for numerous applications. This high modulus, medium viscosity epoxy resin is the perfect solution for bonding new, plastic concrete to existing concrete slabs and steel. DURAL LPL MV - IN (Long Pot Life) provides extended working time versus conventional epoxy bonding agents.


FLEX-CON is a water dispersion of an architectural grade acrylic latex specifically designed for modifying portland cement compositions. Mortar modified with FLEX-CON has improved physical strength, and superior adhesion to old concrete, masonry, brick, and many other surfaces.


SBR LATEX is a carboxylated styrene butadiene copolymer latex admixture that is designed as an integral adhesive for cement bond coats, mortars and concrete to improve bond strength and chemical resistance.


TAMMSWELD is a rewettable liquid bonding agent and polymer modifier for concrete and cement mortars. TAMMSWELD is a high film build, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion.

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Technical Downloads
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Akkro 7T Technical Data
Dural 452 Gel - IN Technical Data
Dural 452 LV-IN Technical Data
Dural LPL MV - IN Technical Data
Flex-Con Technical Data
SBR Latex Technical Data
Tammsweld Technical Data

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