Sobisco Chooses Fresh Flooring from Flowcrete India

Sona Biscuits Ltd, also known as Sobisco, was established in 1992 and has its headquarters in Kolkata in West Bengal. With 1,200 employees and a sprawling working environment covering 100,000 square feet, the client consulted Flowcrete India for a new flooring solution for the warehouse, mixing, paling and oven areas of the facility.

Being an ISO 22000 company and member of the American Institute of Baking, maintaining high quality standards was of utmost important to Sobisco. The specified flooring therefore had to be both robust enough to withstand the challenging environment, and ultra hygienic.

For the mixing, warehouse and paling areas where there is a high chance of foodstuff being dropped or spilt, 4,500 m2 of the chemical resistant Flowfresh MF was used. A high level of chemical resistance was incredibly important for the flooring, as natural sugars and acids from dropped food, as well as chemical cleaning products would have to be tolerated.

For the oven area, 500 m2 of Flowfresh RT was used thanks to its impressive heat resistance of up to 120°C and ability to withstand high mechanical stress from heavy kitchen appliances. Good heat resistance was not only necessary due to the ovens, but also due to regular steam cleaning which is to be expected in areas of food production.

Flowfresh products from Flowcrete incorporate Polygiene®, a performance based antibacterial additive, which inhibits the growth of bacteria on the floors’ surface. In addition to this, Flowfresh is seamless, meaning that bacteria have nowhere to hide and multiply in joints, and can easily be cleaned away.

With a strict time frame set by the client, additional manpower was needed to prepare the substrate ahead of application of the hygienic Flowcrete flooring. The application process was completed within the stipulated 60 days, much to the appreciation of Sobisco.

Project Details

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