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Commercial Flooring

Flowcrete India offers highly durable floor finishes by combining world-class design and superior aesthetics with high performance standards. We offer exclusive commercial flooring systems that are catered for a wide range of commercial venues and retail environments.

Flooring represents the largest component in any interior scheme after the walls. We at Flowcrete India take extra initiative to offer an excellent platform to make a bold and impactful design statement with our floors.

Flowcrete India's portfolio of commercial flooring products includes - all of which are offered in an exquisite mix of design and colour, specifically for commercial and retail environments.

We offer an exquisite mix of design and colour in the entire portfolio of commercial flooring products. Our product line includes our self-smoothing resin floor toppings, decorative quartz and flake broadcast systems and seamless terrazzo flooring and natural stone finishes. Our products in this range are specifically created for commercial and retail environments.

Flowcrete India offers clients the following systems within the Commercial range:

Decorative Quartz Floor Finishes

Decorative Flake Broadcast Floor Finishes

Smooth Floor Finishes

Seamless Epoxy Terrazzo Floor Finishes

Natural Stone Floor Finishes

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