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The way a retail space is designed plays a major part in the unique expression that it is trying to perceive. With over 25 years of our rigorous experience in the commercial flooring industry, we recognize how important it is for the flooring to enhance the overall appeal of retail environments. Flowcrete India has developed a range of innovative flooring solutions that have the ability to completely transform environments. Offering a decorative flooring range with a selection of eye-catching seamless epoxy floor systems which bespoke patterns and unique designs, Flowcrete India is highly capable of creating the retail space that runs right from your imagination.

Within mall layouts, due to them being open for long hours, the central walkways and entrance areas must be durable and must be captivating to get shoppers to come back. Flowcrete India provides the seamless epoxy terrazzo systems that are perfectly suited for these environments with its combination of absolute liberty to form designs and superior aesthetics with excellent wear, scratch and abrasion resistance.

Flowcrete India has created a complete line of fashionable contemporary flooring for retail brands that are keen on maximizing their design and persona. The contemporary flooring offered includes sparkle flake broadcast systems and high gloss, self-levelling finishes in a vast set of vibrant colours to choose from.

Supermarkets and departmental stores require durable floor finishes that can be installed with minimal disruption to trade. Our fast curing flake and coloured quartz broadcast systems are a perfect fit for meeting the specific needs of such environments.

Retail environments have a long life cycle making it essential for sub-floors to be built to last. Flowcrete India's high strength self-levelling screeding systems are able to deliver the needed durability for use under Flowcrete flooring systems and other various floor toppings.

Additionally, Flowcrete India offers various systems including natural stone finishes--for outdoor areas, industrial coatings--for maintenance areas and flexible polyurethane coatings--for car parks.

At Flowcrete India we take full responsibility for assuring you with the most applicable solution to your flooring needs within retail environments.

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